Setting up a Passport Print

We recommend first referencing the US Passport Image Guidelines (particularly the head-sizing guidelines) to ensure that the image you are using meets passport regulations before setting up the print in the ROES software using the instructions below.

Since passport regulations require either a Glossy or a Matte photo and the texture of our Luster prints produces bad reflection on scanners, our Glossy prints with or without a Matte spray are the best options for passport photos. You can set up one of our sheets of 2-wallets or 4-wallets with a custom-size 2x2 image frame drawn to the sizing and placement specifications shown below. Once you have drawn an image frame, with the image box selected you can double-click on the x or y corner location and the w (width) and h (height) of the image box to type in different dimensions for the box. With the Edit tool Edit Tool in Create Order tab.jpg selected, you can also hover over the corners or center of the image box to manually resize or reposition the image box before adding your image.

passport 1.jpg

If you need to add a different background color on the print to contrast the subject image and make cutting out the 2x2 prints easier, you can do so with the steps shown below.

passport 2.png

When adding the item to the shopping cart, it will ask you if you want to add the product with an image frame empty and you can add it as is for it to print the way you set it up.