Blueprint: How to Export Order Data CSV from BluePrint

This is useful if you need to export order information from a job or multiple jobs. The order data exported includes subject and orderer names, image information, packages/products ordered, etc.
  1. Open Blueprint and select the Orders tab

  2. On the Orders tab select Export

  3. On the Export Options screen, select an export location and select your feed type and click Continue

    1. Select Single Row to have a single row of data per order

    2. Select Multiple Row to have a more thorough listing of every product and image ordered per subject order

  4. On the Choose what orders to export screen select the appropriate filters for the orders you wish to export

    1. To export order data from a specific job, go to the jobs screen and to find the Job ID to use in the Job ID filter

  5. Click Export Orders to generate the CSV of data

  6. The CSV will be saved in the folder location designated