Sorting an Event by Photo Data

If you've added data to your event you can sort your subjects according to it.
  1. Start in the Library tab.

  2. Click View > Show Photo Data. Now you can see some of the basic Photo Data associated with each subject, If you don't see the option to Show Photo Data there is no data associated with your event yet. If you're not sure how to add data, check out our tutorial on adding data to your event.

    1. Getting Started Part 6 - Add Data Sorting an Event by Photo Data_1.pngSorting an Event by Photo Data_2.png

  3. Next, click Sort > Sort by Photo Data. This feature will default to using Last Name to alphabetize the event. Sorting an Event by Photo Data_3.png

  4. There are more options you can experiment with in the View and Sort menus until you find you preferred viewing style.