Creating a Layout File

Creating a basic layout from scratch.
To overwrite a layout already in FLOW, see instructions here and/or the tutorial video here
  1. Click New and change the Layout Size to the size of your print (for example 8x10)

  2. Click Insert Image and navigate to the location of your Graphic

    1. We suggest you put all graphics used by FLOW Layouts in the in the Graphics folder

      1. C:\ProgramData\Flow\Graphics

  3. Resize the Object Properties to the size of the print

    1. Location: 0x0

    2. Size: 8x10

  4. Click Insert Image again but this time select a dummy image from the Graphics folder

    1. For example, select the photo_8x10.png dummy image from the grahpics folder

      1. This image will appear in the upper left-hand corner of the template

  5. Click and highlight the dummy image in the Objects section

  6. Drag the grahpic to the appropriate location and resize it by clicking on the yellow corner dots

  7. Under Image Properties change from Static Image to Primary Image or Proof Image of your choice

    1. This tells the software to pull in the appropriate image from your project

    2. If this is a single pose, select the Use Ordered Image if Available checkbox to use the ordered image and background (if applicable) for the subject. Failure to do this will mean the pose in the dropdown will always be used on the grahpic

  8. Repeat steps above to add a dummy image for the Group pose, but this time select Group Photo from the Subject Image list

    1. This tells the software to use the Group photo for the image in this node

    2. Do not select "use ordered image if available" on group photos

  9. Add more fields to the layout as needed

    1. add more graphics and/or dynamic text

  10. Click on Show Preview check box to display the rendered graphic

  11. Click Save then Save As and name the Layout file appropriately