Getting Started Part 5 - Create an Event

If you prefer a tutorial video, scroll to the bottom of the page.
  1. To create an Event, start in the Library tab.

  2. Click on New > Add Photo Event5_Create an Event_1.png

  3. The Event - Details section will open. Here you can choose all types of options for your event. First, choose your Event type from the dropdown if you like. This will alter the information fields which may be helpful depending on the type of event.

  4. Now add any other information you would like logged in the software.

  5. If you are posting your gallery online on, click Next. You'll have all types of options regarding the pricing and options that should be associated with your gallery. If you're only creating this event to build orders to be sent to the lab, click Finish. 5_Create an Event_2.png

  6. Now click Add Photos to add images to your event. 5_Create an Event_3.png

  7. Browse for your images and click Import All. Depending on the size of the images they may take a few moments to load. You're now ready to begin editing and ordering.