Add Labels to PhotoReflect or Darkroom Order

Dropship Batch for adding labels to PhotoReflect or Darkroom orders submitted to the lab
  1. Go to the SETUP tab and then to FULFILLMENT OPTIONS
  2. Choose the shipping method you want from the pull down menu (i:e: Standard). Make sure the box that says, Ship all orders back to the company address is NOT checked image.png
  3. Go to your Photo Library or Photo Workshop tab. Choose the first image you would like to order and click the desired package on the right. When done, click PLACE ORDER.
  4. When the shipping options box comes up, enter the information you would like displayed on the labels in the BILLING ADDRESS section.
    • Only the First Name, Last Name, Address 1 and 2 fields will print on the labels.
  5. Under Shipping Address, choose ship to the company address image.png
  6. REPEAT steps for each subject in the project
  7. Once all subjects are added to the new orders page, Batch all single orders within the New Orders subsection
  8. Select batch ID and click PRINT ORDER
  • Orders will be printed and packaged in the order sequence added to the new orders section
  • Each order on the new orders page will have the First, Last name in the customer information on the order for easy referencing.