Darkroom or Photoreflect Orders Showing Error Status in Customer's Software

Darkroom and Photoreflect Studio orders can error INSTEAD OF sending to the lab for many reasons. Always check to see if the error status order came through to us or not before trying to resend.

Here's a list of possible reasons an order might error sending to the lab:

1 - Check the error message

  1. Select the order and then scroll to the end of the order summary at the bottom.

  2. Error messages can give you an idea of what's wrong.

2 - Using an old version of Darkroom and submitting images a second time

  1. If using an old version of Darkroom (e.g. 8.9), there is a known error where previously submitted images cannot be resubmitted in a new order (i.e. reorders cannot be completed)

  2. Need to rename image files to unique name

    1. e.g. If original image sent was IMG_1234.jpg rename image to IMG_1234-1.jpg

  3. Re-associate image with product in Order Proofing

  4. Right-click on order and send to print

3 - McAfee Antivirus is installed on the computer or another firewall is enabled

McAfee Antivirus in particular can block orders from accessing the FTP (necessary to send). Try disabling McAfee and sending again. If this fails, you may need to uninstall McAfee and try to send. If any other firewalls are enabled, including Windows Firewall, try disabling and sending.

4 - The upload speed is too slow

  1. The upload attempt could be timing out if internet upload speed is too slow.

  2. Check the upload speed using this link https://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/.

    1. Internet upload speeds can range anywhere from 0.5 megabits/second with a Satellite to 880 megabits/second. If the upload speed isn't at least 2 mb/s the order transmission will most like time out.

  3. Exactly how slow the upload speed can be without timing out does depend on how big the file/files are. If this is a chronic problem, contact the internet service provider about upgrading the upload speed.


Sometimes this will produce an error asking to "rename the order" when attempting to send an order. Since many public or free wifi connections are set up to block ftp transfers, this prevents orders from being submitted through those networks. Seek out a private network connection for sending the order.

If none of these solutions work, please contact Customer Service.