Blueprint: Bulk Ordering, Shopping Cart Templates, and Direct Shipping Date

Bulk Ordering and the Shopping Cart Templates work in tandem and Blueprint makes it easy.
If you have Bulk Ordering on your jobs then you only need one shopping cart template.
You do not need to toggle your cart templates around on your jobs and can have a Single cart applied to your bulk jobs that stays set for the lifetime of the job.
Shopping Cart Tutorial Video

Example Scenario for Bulk Order Jobs:

  1. The CART template is set with:

    1. Shipment Type: PICKUP ONLY

    2. Shipping Rate: $4.95

  2. The job is setup to Start Direct Shipping on 10/1

    1. Orders placed BEFORE 10/1 are included in the bulk order to ship to the pickup address and will not be charged a shipping fee

    2. Orders placed AFTER 12am on 10/1 will have a $4.95 shipping fee and ship to the address entered on the order

Bulk Ordering: Cart Template and Direct Shipping Date

  1. Shopping Cart Template Suggested Setup for Bulk Orders:

    1. Shipment Type: Pickup at Location as the only option available for the customer to select

    2. Shipping Rate: the cost applied to dropship orders to ship to home

      1. All orders placed will be set to Bulk Order Pickup until the Start Direct Shipping date is met

      2. This allows the orders to stream in until the Direct Ship Date set on the Job Settings, after which the orders will automatically dropship to the customer and charge the Shipping Rate

  2. Start Direct Shipping Date in job settings - New orders placed on a job will automatically dropship to customer's address if placed after 12am on the direct ship date.