How to Edit the Shipping Address for the School/Organization

  1. When you setup a new project, the organization is where the ship-to address is entered

  2. If you need to enter or edit this information later, click on Preferences in the upper right corner and select Organizations from the menu in the left column.

  3. In this window, select the organization from the dropdown menu and click on the to edit the information entered.

      1. If the order should be dropshipped to a specific addressee, add the addressee in the organization name

        1. e.g. School Admin above

      2. The information entered in the Shipping Address here is where the order will dropship if selected when submitting an order

  4. To ensure that a Project is associated with the proper organization, click on the Edit Preference button on the project tile

  5. On the General Preferences tab, click on the Organization dropdown menu and select the proper Organization and click Save