How to Refresh Green Screen Files

This issue is deprecated but is helpful when greenscreen images are not rendering properly - e.g. if the studio updated the way a greenscreen image was being dropped inside Flow and tried to render the image on a background, Flow would save the original drop settings for the rendered image and not the updated version.
  1. Open your Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\ProgramData\Flow\Projects

    1. This location is hidden so it's easiest to copy and paste that path directly into Windows Explorer

  2. Find the Project Folder that you are working with and open it

    1. If you look under the project tile in FLOW you will see the long alphanumeric key listed

    2. This is the name of your project folder

    3. Open the Image folder and then the PICache folder

    4. Delete the ENTIRE Green Screen Folder
      This does not delete any of your images

  3. Place your order