How to Refresh Assigned Packages After Making a Change to the Package Contents

This procedure is useful when orders have been added to a project and a product is added to a package or a package adjustment is made.
Package adjustments are NOT retroactive so adjustments made after packages have been ordered for subjects will not be recognized until a refresh is completed.

Note: If FLOW errors while refreshing, pay attention to the subject record the error occured on, find the subject record, and double-check the 5 subjects' items immediately after for any issues or missing products or missing images on a package. To fix a missing item or image, simply remove the package and reassign it to the subject record

To refresh the packages

  1. Make adjustments to package(s) in FLOW
    i.e. Add the item that is missing or associate a layout to a product

  2. With the project open, click on Preferences -> Utilities

Within the Utilities section there are 2 buttons:


  1. Refresh Package Summary - refreshes the summary of packages that have been added to subject records

    1. Do this first then apply a filter to the updated package

  2. Refresh All Assigned Packages - refreshes the package assignment to match the changes that have been made

    1. You must have a filter applied for the changed packages before you choose "refresh all assigned packages"

  3. This will take a few minutes to update

  4. Be mindful of any errors that occur when the packages are refreshing. See the note at the top for how to handle an error.