Blueprint: ImageQuix Retouching Catalog Access

Retouching can be added as an option to your catalog upon request

  • Retouching options cannot be used on a pricesheet with My Design Templated products

  • Retouching should not be added to Green Screen transparent PNGs with multiple backgrounds within the same order.

    • If retouching is used in conjunction with my design products, the service will not be applied properly and the lab will not be able to retouch the image

    • If retouching is added for transparent PNG files and multiple backgrounds are ordered, you will be charged retouching per image/background selected

      • i.e. if customer orders Primary image with retouching and 2 different backgrounds, you will be charged for 2 retouch services

  • If My Design Templated products are required on your pricesheet, a workaround is to create an internal retouching (My Service) and submit the images for retouching through ROES Digital Services

    • This workflow does add a step in the image processing, but would NOT increase the turnaround time at the lab

  • Retouching w/ Digital Return - These retouch options will return the submitted file back to you digitally - contact customer service for more information

    • Cannot be used on a pricesheet with My Design Templated products

    • Cannot be used with Green Screen Images (transparent PNG images) - the file we return digitally will be the flattened image on the selected background for the order

Contact RPL with questions and to FInd Out if You're Eligible

  • 1-800-262-0515 ext 105


Pricing for retouching:

Removes minor blemishes and imperfections
Removes major blemishes
Softens lines and/or circles under eyes
Removes major blemishes
Softens lines and/or circles under eyes,
Tones down facial shine
Teeth whitening

Adding Retouching to Pricesheet

  1. Open the pricesheet

  2. Under Image Options click the green plus

  3. Within the right-hand catalog, select Richmond Pro Lab Retouching

  4. Drill down into the catalog and select the retouching options to add to the options list

  5. After the service(s) are added, be sure to:

    1. Adjust the Price of the service

    2. Adjust the Allowed Image Type to Individual ONLY

  6. Once all options are finalized be sure to SYNC your pricesheet

Retrieving Digital Return

  1. Images are exported to a Google Drive folder that remains the same for all digital service orders

    1. To access the downloads, go to your Account Information page

  2. Click on the View Online Storage button within Contact Information

  3. A new page will open with the Job ID folders of images returned

  4. Files within the Job ID folder are named using the Unique Image id that is used in Blueprint so you can perform an image replace on the job

    1. Be sure to double-check the crop of the replaced images after they're imported

  5. These images are available for 6 months after they’re exported