Blueprint: Adding My Design and Associating to Print Product

After you've created a My Design product you will need to add it to a pricesheet and associate it with a product.
Tutorial Video: Creating Custom Templates in My Design
  1. Open the pricesheet you wish to use

  2. On the right-hand side within the product catalogs, select My Products

    1. My Design templates are saved within the My Products section

  3. Find the My Design template that was created and select or drag the item to the pricesheet

  4. Select the product on the pricesheet

  5. Scroll down to Edit Fulfillment and select Richmond Pro Lab (or the appropriate catalog) from the fulfillment options

  6. Select Choose Product and navigate to the appropriate product the My Design should be associated with

  7. Select the product from the product listing

  8. Click the Select Product to save the selection

  9. Be sure to adjust any product options that should be set (e.g. Product Price) and select Sync to save your changes