Darkroom Shows Border Error Under Products in Proofing Mode

If Darkroom shows Border Error under products in Proofing Mode, check version number.

If the version number is lower than 9.2, check to make sure all border elements are where they are saved in the border (this should be evident by the missing graphic). To confirm the path the software is looking to for the border elements, go into the Setup tab and open the border in the border workshop. Double clicking on the elements on the right will open details, including the path. Remap to the correct location if needed and save changes.

If 9.2 or later, it's possible the lab will need the font used to be able to print the order. Version 9.2 asks the server if font is available [sometimes, not always]). You can go ahead and send the order and email us the font file. We will contact you if we have any problem printing it.