How to Email Gallery Users in ImageQuix Publisher

The below information assumes you have a CSV of email addresses associated to subjects or that the email addresses are already in ImageQuix. If you're using FLOW please follow instructions at the bottom for retrieving email address information from the FLOW database

Associate the email addresses with the subjects in ImageQuix Publisher:

  1. Open ImageQuix Publisher, select the Jobs tab and double click on the Job to open

  2. Select the Subjects section in the left-hand column

  3. Click Edit in the upper right-hand corner

  4. Click on ActionImportImport Subject Data

  5. Use the CSV Importer

  6. Select your CSV

  7. Select Merge Subject Data check box, click next

  8. Set the Unique Field as Ticket Code, the Field Settings as Ticket Code, the Online Code as Ticket Code, and assign Email(s) to the email address column in your CSV (in this case Email) and select Next

  9. Click on the subjects in the list to confirm the email addresses are associated properly

  10. Click Next and on Groups click Finish

  11. Click Publish to save the emails to your subjects and republish the gallery

Email the addresses on file:

  1. On the Jobs tab, right-click on the gallery

  2. Select Email Guests

  3. Check Email students/subjects

  4. Format the email how you require

  5. Use the green plus sign to enter dynamic record-specific information

    1. The Subject Code will serve as the password for the gallery

  6. Send will send the specific information to each subject record

Export the data for a project in FLOW:

  1. On the project tile select Export

  2. Select Data Only

  3. Export Subject Data Only

  4. In this spreadsheet create a new column heading called "Email"

  5. Enter the associated email addresses for each subject record and save unless the email is already associated in the data under a column