Proofpix General Information

ProofPix’s all-in-one platform offers powerful tools for high-volume photographers and is well-suited for Sports, Dance, School and Senior photography. Here are some helpful links for getting familiar with Proofpix.


  • Online proofing/sales galleries with no commissions

  • Options for studio management

  • Online pre-pay event registration forms

  • Improved capture workflow with the SortMagic app

  • Automated gallery creation and image-sorting

  • Password protected galleries per subject

  • Automated lab-fulfillment, self-fulfillment, and digital downloads


Product / Shipping Cost

  • Drop ship orders through Proofpix have a $0 product minimum and the flat shipping rates shown below based on the products in each order. Bulk orders have a $5 product minimum and shipping cost determined by the size and weight of the shipment and delivery address. The print cost matches the Volume Packaged Print pricing on page 4 of our price guide for all orders.

  • Flat Drop Shipping Rates:

    • 5.25 Shipping - Small/Flat Items up to 11x14

    • 9.95 Shipping - Large/Flat Items and Photo Gifts

    • 19.95 Shipping - Large Canvas Wraps (24x30+)

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