Blueprint: Adding and Performing Studio Retouching (Image Options)

The steps below are useful for performing an internal image option like studio retouching or adding an image service option for the studio to perform before submitting orders to the lab.

Setup the Image Option

  1. In Blueprint select the My Designs tab

  2. Select the Options tab

  3. Select Image Options

  4. Add a Category for your retouching so you can find it in your My Products for use on your pricesheet

  5. Within the category, click on Add Option and select Toggle or Selection

    1. A toggle option is a Yes or No selection

    2. Selection option gives the customer a list of options to choose from

  6. Name your Option and enter a price then Sync to add it to your products

Adding Retouching to Your Pricesheet

  1. Open the pricesheet you'd like to use

  2. To have the customer select retouching at the end of ordering:

    1. Click on the + next to Image Options to add an option category

    2. Navigate to My Products and select the image option(s) to add

    3. Always remember to Sync after you're satisfied with the changes

  3. To have retouching as part of a package

    1. Create a package in your Print category

    2. Click Add Products within the package

    3. Navigate to My Products and then the Retouching category you created

    4. Select the retouching option(s) to add to the package

    5. Always remember to Sync after you're satisfied with the changes

  4. You can set the retouching to be required and also adjust the type of images allowed for retouching (i.e. only individual images allowed) by selecting the retouching and under Edit Type select required

    1. You can do this in either Image Option or Package Option

Fulfilling Studio Image Options (Fulfilling Retouching)

  1. When a customer places an order and selects an image option the order will appear as a My Service on the orders page and will also show within the Fulfillment tab

  2. Select the Fulfillment tab

  3. Click on the Fulfillment Settings to set your download and upload folders

    1. Download folder is where the images will be downloaded to be completed

    2. Upload folder is where you will save the finalized images to be uploaded (synced) upon completion

  4. Select the image to complete by placing a check next to the order or click Download All to download all incomplete images

  5. Images will download into the download folder into a nested folder named by the image option (e.g. Basic Retouching) and the file will be named the Image ID next to basic retouching

  6. Perform the necessary image service and save the final image to the upload folder making sure to keep the filename exactly the same as what was downloaded

  7. Once the image is added to the upload folder, blueprint will recognize it and show that the images are ready to sync

  8. Click Sync to complete the image service

  9. Once image service orders are completed, the order(s) are ready for release to the lab (for held orders) or will auto-release if the order is a direct ship

    1. See Release Orders to the Lab on this page:Submitting Bulk Orders to the Lab