Blueprint: Bulk Adding Items or Packages to Subject Records

The instructions below are useful when the studio needs to order an item for every subject or a particular set of subjects in a job. This makes it easy to order a package or item for every subject within an order.
For example, the studio needs to add a no-buy sheet to be printed for every subject that does not have an order.

Always SYNC your orders before assigning images

Bulk Add Orders

  1. Navigate and open the Job

  2. Select the Job -> Orders Tab

  3. Select Tools

  4. Select Bulk Add Orders

  5. On the new dialog window, select All Subjects or Choose Subjects

    1. If you select Choose Subjects you can drill down to particular subjects within the job,
      e.g. subjects with No Orders

  6. Select Next

  7. On this window, click the product or package to add each subject within the filter

    1. Be careful how many times you click a package and note the number in the upper left-hand corner of the package that's selected, that's the quantity of that package to be added to each subject

  8. Select Next and view the summary details for what will be ordered

    1. Verify the information on the Summary page is correct

  9. Click Create Orders and type CREATE to create orders for the selected subjects

  10. Click Sync to save the orders to the subject records

    1. VERY important to sync before moving on to the next step

  11. Click Tools and Assign Images to assign the images to the orders that were just created

    1. Image assignments will use the parameters set within the My Design or on the Product, otherwise the Primary image will be used for the orders that were just created