How to Ship an Order Directly to Your Client

Dropship orders will be sent to the customer address entered at the time of order submission
Dropship orders do not include any receipt or cost information and the return label has the studio address on file at the lab. If you're interested in placing large orders to be shipped to multiple clients, click here for more information about how to use ROES Events - Shipping to Multiple Clients through ROES Events
  1. Create your ROES order as normal

  2. In the Shopping Cart section click Complete and Send Order in the lower right corner

    1. image.png

  3. A dialog box will open requiring you to enter information

  4. Click Next and select a Drop Ship shipping option service

    1. image.png

  5. Click Next and you will be asked to enter the shipping information for your Drop Ship order

  6. Click Next and submit your order via the Internet