How to Order an Unlisted/Custom Size Photographic Print

Ordering the next print size up is the best way to get a custom sized print in a timely fashion. First you'll need to use an editing software to place your image on a slightly larger canvas with the dimensions of the next print size up.

Unmounted prints whose smallest dimension is less than 12 inches cannot be trimmed down to a custom size.

Instructions to set up the file in a photo editing software

  1. Open your image in a photo editing software like PhotoShop

  2. Click on the Image menu then select Canvas Size

  3. The window that opens will show you the current size of your canvas

  4. Enter the next size available in ROES into the width and height
    For example: I want to order a 9x12 print but the next size up is 11x14

    1. Be sure to justify the image to the lower right corner

    2. Be sure to select an extension color that contrasts with your current image like Gray

  5. Select OK

  6. Your image will now have trim area extended to the top and left of the image

  7. Save this image as a jpeg and order on the next size up in ROES

  8. Be sure to leave a special instruction indicating to trim off the excess contrasting color

If you don't have photoshop or an editing software, use the instructions below to setup the product in ROES

Instructions to set up the file in ROES

  1. Select the next size up product

    1. For example, a 16x20 print is the next size larger for the custom size 13x19

  2. Click the crosshair Draw Tool in the upper left of the working area

  3. Draw a box within in the frame of the product

  4. Select the box you just drew and use the coordinates in the lower right of the product to type the size and location of your image

    1. Double-click on the numbers next to x, y, w, h and enter your coordinates
      x and y : 0 0
      w and h : width and height of your custom image size

  5. Add your image to the new box that you just created and resized

  6. Select Options panel on the right-hand side and select the Tools tab

  7. If the background of your image is white:

    1. Click the white area behind the image you just added

    2. In options, select a color that contrasts your image under the "Fill" section of the 'Tools"

    3. Check the Fill checkbox so that the area being trimmed off is very clear

  8. Leave a note in the Special Instructions in the Shopping Cart to "trim off the excess contrasting color"