Blueprint: Orders Tab Tips and Tricks

If you're looking for an order and need to locate it in BluePrint there are a few tips for finding orders and when they're due.
You can also check out our Checking the Status of an Order page for information on how to find orders submitted to the lab!

Did the Lab Receive Your Order - Steps for Order Processing:

  • After releasing orders, images are rendered on IQ's server which can take some time depending on the size of the order(s) (~30 minutes)

  • Click the Refresh button to update the status of an order submitted

  • Take note of status in blueprint - Lab Order ID and Processing indicates the lab has received the order

    • Once the lab has started processing the Lab Order ID will appear (e.g. Q012345)

  • Once the order has been processed from blueprint to the lab, the status changes to Processed

  • Once the order is fully processed by the lab RPL Account Email will receive confirmation email

  • Make use of the Refresh button on the orders page to check if an order has been received

Locating Orders in ImageQuix

  1. We always suggest switching the filter in blueprint to the Fulfillment filter for identifying individual dropship orders and bulk orders

    1. Bulk orders appear with a stack icon (image.png) next to them

    2. Individual dropship orders appear as single line items

  2. Search the Orders tab with the subject name, order number, lab order number, or orderer's name

    1. Click on the blue text to pull up the IQ Invoice of the subject

    2. Tracking information for orders statused as Shipped is listed under the Tracking number field

      1. Bulk orders do not have tracking information listed