ID Card Options

We have three options for creating ID Cards

Option A

  • Highest Upfront Cost:

    • Design Fee: starts at $30

    • Installation Fee: starts at $10

  • Low Long-Term Cost from Re-using the ID Card Template

  • Works with the ROES Events Ordering Process

  • ID Card printing costs on page 5 of the price guide

Fill out our Custom Template form with example imagery of how you would like the ID card to look. Our Design Team will then create a custom ID card template to your specifications and install it in ROES for you to be able to input the text and add the subject and logo images to the image boxes. We are also able to set up a textbox where the entered text will be printed in a barcode format. This option includes a design fee starting at $30 and a template installation fee starting at $10 but would ensure that you have a template already set up that you would be able to use repeatedly at our regular ID card pricing. The ID card could be set up to have changing options such as different background colors or changing text colors.

Option B

  • Setup Fee: $10

  • Merge Fee: $15 (to have different text on each ID Card)

  • ID Card printing costs on page 5 of the price guide

Place an order for the ID Cards as Service Items through our Full Service catalog in ROES. In addition to our regular ID card pricing, this ordering option includes a $10 set up fee. It also includes a $15 merge fee to have different text (such as student name or grade) from a spreadsheet of data on each ID card.

Option C

  • Lowest Cost

  • Highest Time Commitment

  • ID Card printing costs on page 5 of the price guide

Create the ID Card designs at 3.38 x 2.13 size and export individual flattened images with all of the subject images and information added to each image filed. Then order on our blank ID Cards in ROES under each of the regular Print catalogs in the tabs noted below. Ordering like this would only be at our regular ID card pricing with no additional fees.

  • ROES Create Order tab

    • Direct Prints / Lab Corrected Prints / Volume Packaged Prints / Volume Unpackaged Prints

      • Specialty Products

        • ID Cards and Keyfobs