How to Resend Previously Sent Orders

The instructions below are useful for resubmitting an entire job through FLOW.
Note: If you made a change a layout assigned to a package, or have assigned a layout to a package item where none existed before, you need to refresh the packages before sending.

Resending a Single Order as a New Order

  1. Click on the Project tab and locate the project you wish to resubmit

  2. Double-click on the project tile to open the project or click on the shopping cart icon to go directly to the submission page

  3. Select the Previous Order check box

  4. Select the order that needs to be resubmitted from the drop-down menu

    1. Orders are listed by order number and timestamp

      1. image.png

Resend Multiple Orders as a Single New Order

  1. On the Submit Orders page select the previous order checkbox

  2. Find the first order that needs to be resubmitted in the dropdown menu

  3. Below the orders listed, click the dropdown menu and select Set Lab OrderID to Blank for ALL (treat as new order)

    1. This will change all of the previous submitted orders to New Orders

  4. Perform steps 1 and 2 for the orders that need to be submitted

  5. Once all previous orders have been set adjusted to New Orders, select the New Orders checkbox and all New orders will populate the order form

    1. image.png

  6. Submit the orders as normal by selecting the sort and shipping options