Creating Camera Cards/Barcode Cards in FLOW

Camera cards use the sort designated in the Edit section of FLOW. It's important to set the sort required before creating camera cards.

Setting a Sort on a Project

  1. Open the project and click on the Edit section

  2. At the bottom of the subject record listing there is a Sort button

  3. Click on Sort and select the levels of sorting required for the job

    1. The bottom level sort is always Last Name then First Name

  4. image.png

Generating Camera Cards

  1. Click on the Reports button at the top of the software

  2. Select Subject Barcodes under Choose a Report.

  3. Select the number of camera cards per page

  4. Deselect Stack Sort if the subjects should be organized by sort across the page

    1. Stack Sort organizes subjects down through the pages so they can be cut on a stack cutter

  5. Add any subject fields that should be printed on the Camera Cards

    1. By default Subject Name, Project Name, and Ticket Code print on the camera card

  6. Click Preview Report

  7. Print the Camera Cards by clicking on the Printer Icon or output the cards as a PDF to a designated location for printing later

    1. image.png

    2. The 30-Up stickers and label model number are listed below:

      1. FORM# INKJET30

      2. Manufactured by A Tursso Company

      3. 800-388-7776