Blueprint: How Shipping Works

  • Orders are submitted to the lab using a combination of Job Settings and Cart Settings associated with the job

  • Bulk Process Order Fulfillment - should be turned on within the job if the orders should be bulked together in one large order to ship to a single address. Orders will need to be released to the lab manually by the studio when ready.

    • The shopping cart must also have Pickup as an option for the customer to select for bulk orders

  • Dropship Orders - if all orders should be dropshipped, the cart should be set to ship to customer and/or there should be a direct ship date associated with the job

Job Settings for Orders

Within Settings -> Order Fulfillment there are a number of settings to select depending on how the orders should be submitted to the lab

  1. Start Direct Ship Date- this is the date after which orders placed will automatically fulfill to the lab and be shipped direct to the customer.

    1. This option can be used in combination with the cart see this instruction for more details Bulk Ordering, Shopping Cart Templates, and Direct Shipping Date

  2. Hold Order Fulfillment Until Manual Release

    1. Bulk Process order fulfillment - select this option if the job is to be initially setup to ship in bulk to the studio or pickup location

    2. Hold direct ship orders - select this option if you want to hold direct ship orders to be manually released to the lab

    3. Hold Digital download orders - select this option if you want to hold digital download fulfillment until orders are manually released

Shopping Cart Settings

  • Create your shopping cart template in Shopping Cart -> Manage Cart Templates

  • Associate the Cart to the job in Settings -> General -> Cart Settings


  • Shipment Types:

    • Ship to Customer - when the order is placed, the customer will required to enter a shipping address for the order and will be charged the Shipping Rate entered in the cart

    • Pick up at [Location] - when the order is placed it will be sent to the studio address or the pickup location entered on the job settings (for more information please visit ​How to setup Bulk Order Fulfillment)

    • Customer Choice - the customer can elect to pickup the order for no charge or have the order dropshipped for a shipping fee

  • Orders will ship in bulk if Pick Up is an option available for the customer to select when placing their order.

    • If an order is submitted with Pick Up selected:

      • the order will be sent to the Studio Address you've assigned in your Contact Information in ImageQuix (this address should match exactly to what is listed at the lab)

      • or the Pick Up Address on the Job

    • This way, ImageQuix orders will be shipped as non-dropship orders back to the studio (or other designated Pick Up Address) and will be grouped together/not shipped independently.

    • If the address on ImageQuix is not the exact same format as the address on file at the lab then the orders will be shipped separately by default.

After orders are input into blueprint they can be confirmed and released to the lab click here for instructions on this step