Blueprint Missing Images Need to be Re-Uploaded

When uploading or syncing a job in Imagequix Blueprint a prompt displays saying there are images missing that need to be re-uploaded.


What this means

  • This means either images are still publishing to blueprint or there was an interuption in the connection to blueprint's servers during the syncing process.

  • It's possible that the images are still publishing to blueprint, especially if there are a large number of images being published.

  • Hit CTRL+R (CMD+R on mac) on the keyboard to see if the missing images count decreases, if it does then the missing images error should resolve after all images have been uploaded.

To Resolve Missing Images

If missing images remains static after hitting CTRL+R (CMD+R on mac) the images were not properly published and need to be re-uploaded
  1. Within the job select the Settings tab

  2. Select Job Data

  3. Select Delete Missing under the Missing Images section of Job Data

    1. There is an option to Restore Missing which prompts you to navigate to the location of the missing images, but there is a small bug in this that might cause this option not to work and typically it's just as fast to delete and replace the missing images. (10/2/2019)

  4. After deleting the missing images, move on to replacing or re-uploading the missing files.