The Basics on How to Shoot Tethered to FLOW

  1. Make sure your Camera is saving images to the Hotfolder location (C:\Hotfolder). Usually this is achieved by a setting on the camera or through software provided by the camera manufacturer. Alternatively, you can use DIYPhotoBits freeware found at

  2. You can change this location by clicking on Preferences and Capture and choosing a different directory if you would like

  3. You can also setup automatic defaults on each project for After Scanning Subject Barcode

    1. image.png

How to auto Assign New Hotfolder Images to Subject Record

  1. Click on the Project section to display your projects

  2. Click on Edit Project Preferences on your project tile

    1. image.png

  3. Click on the Event Triggers tab

  4. Make sure Auto Assign Image is selected under On New Hotfolder Image

    1. image.png

  5. Click Save

  6. Double-click on your project to open it

  7. Scan a subject ticket barcode, the scanned record will appear

  8. Start shooting on your camera and your images will automatically be added to your subject record from the Hotfolder