How to Import Multiple Poses if Your Spreadsheet Contains the Filenames

To create a multi pose event in FLOW, you'll import your data multiple times.


  1. There should be a column for each pose. Each subject will need something unique in the spreadsheet.

    1. e.g. Student ID or multiple identifiers like First Name and Last Name

  2. Do your first round of data/image import just like normal, choosing Pose 1 as your image field.

  3. Now on the subsequent imports, images will import to the previously created subject records and be marked as the second image.

  4. To Import again, click on the Edit Tab and then Import Data.

  5. Navigate to your Source Data File (i.e. your CSV)

  6. Merge based on unique data (e.g. Student ID) or choose multiple fields so that no two records are alike

  7. Select your second Image Field (e.g. Pose 2), and navigate to your Image Directory

  8. Choose the appropriate Destination from the dropdown sections to overwrite that data

  9. Omit any information that should not be imported by clicking the red X

  10. Click Import when ready. Repeat this for each pose in your CSV.

  11. For a step by step tutorial on assigning group images, click here.