How to Use Filters to Exclude Particular Subjects From an Export

This procedure is useful when you do not want to include a subject in an ImageMatch export or Year Book disc export because a student or subject is no longer at the school, but the images should be kept.
  1. Use the Hold Images pin (image.png) on subject images that are no longer a part of the school. You can find this by hovering over images in a subject record in the Capture screen.

    1. Be mindful to first clear any previously held subject images by clicking the pin at the top of the software screen and selecting clear held images before adding hold pins to those subjects that are removed

  2. Click on the Filter button to open the filter options

  3. Under the Images filter, select Images flagged: is not Hold Image and apply the filter

    1. This will filter all subjects that DO have the hold pin out so that any that DO NOT have a hold image are included in the filter

  4. Perform the ImageMatch Export as normal, but place a checkbox to Use Filtered Data to apply the filter to the export that you have set

  5. The data and images will export using the parameters set by the filter and image options set on the export screen