Blueprint: How to Setup Bulk Order Fulfillment

  • If your studio would like orders to be held and submitted to the lab as a single batch or bulk order to be shipped back to the studio or school

  • The bulk packaging options need to be used in conjunction with a cart that has a pickup selection option

    • When an order has Pickup selected as the shipping method, the orders will be held as part of a larger bulk order

Setting Up Bulk Fulfillment

  1. In Job Settings, select Order Fulfillment

  2. Choose a Direct Shipping Date if required (this is the date after which all orders will be set to direct ship to customer)

  3. Select Hold Order Fulfillment Until Manual Release

    1. This holds all orders with Pickup as the shipping selection until you decide to release the orders

  4. Select Bulk process order fulfillment

    1. This is very important, this is what makes the Pickup orders batch together as a single batch order instead of individual orders to ship to the studio

  5. Next, select Bulk Packaging

    1. The most important selections on this page are:

      1. Pickup shipping address (studio or entered option)

        1. Studio is the location within the preferences on Blueprint

        2. Ship pickup orders to... - allows you to enter a dropship address for the bulk orders

      2. Sorting selection - up to 4 levels of sort, suggested as Grade, Teacher, Last name, First name or something similar depending on the information on the subject records.

        1. ALWAYS select Last Name, First Name Sort - orders will not be sorted properly unless this sort is applied as the lowest level sort option

      3. Special instructions - these are received by customer service on the bulk order only
        Order Notes are NEVER seen by the lab, only special instructions on bulk orders are seen by the lab

        1. Envelope Type, Package for Subjects, Split/Combine Orders, and Flyer Insert selections are not currently used by the lab