Creating a Proof Envelope in FLOW

  • The 8.5x14 envelope products (front and back) can be found in FLOW at the bottom of the catalog

    • image (2).png

To get started:

  1. Create a package for the proof envelope

  2. Add a Proof Envelope FRONT and BACK to the package


      1. FRONT must be the first item in the package

      2. BACK must be the second item in the package

        1. Package cannot contain ANY other items - only Front and Back Envelope Products

  3. Associate a layout that has been created in the layouts section to the FRONT and BACK products

    1. If a barcode needs to be present on the envelope, please be sure it's formatted properly - Adding Barcodes to Layouts

  4. Order the "proof envelope" package for each subject that should receive an envelope

  5. Submit the order, be sure to select a sort order