Export/Import for Retouch

Export Image Files

  1. Open a project and select the Export for Retouch button in the upper-right corner
    1. Use the Filter to filter out specific images that should be retouched
      e.g. filter by package called Retouch to show only subjects that need the retouch service
  2. Designate a location for the export (e.g. Desktop)
  3. Select Export and a copy of all files within the project will be exported to the designated location
  4. Make adjustments to the files as necessary - do NOT change the filename or the image(s) will not import

Import Retouched Files

  1. Select the Export for Retouch button as before, but select the Import tab
  2. Navigate to the file location for the adjusted images and select Import
    1. All images within the selected folder will be imported and replace images within the software
  3. Click on Preferences and select Utilities at the bottom of the left-hand column
  4. Click on Refresh All Image Orientations to ensure the orientation Exif data is properly formatted for FLOW
  5. Now the project is ready for further work. Anytime an image is edited in an outside software be sure to refresh the image orientation