Dropship an Order

Instructions for submitting an order to dropship to a customer instead of sent back to the studio.
* Dropship orders will not contain a receipt and will have the studio address as the return address on the label

Setup Shipping Method

  1. Select the Setup tab

  2. Select Fulfillment Options on the left-hand column

  3. Make sure Ship all orders back to the company address is NOT checked

  4. Choose a shipping method from the drop down menu (Standard is Economy shipping)image.png

Place Orders

  1. Place orders normally, when clicking Place Order a box will display asking for the shipping information for the order

  2. Choose Ship to Billing Address from the drop down menu when the shipping options box pops up. Enter the shipping information for the order and select Save Changes

  3. Click Save Changes.

  4. Order will be added to the New Orders page and is ready to submit

Adjust Shipping Address on New Order

If a shipping address needs to be updated on an order on the new orders page
  1. Double-click the order to open it in Edit & Proof Mode

  2. Click on Properties

  3. Select Edit Shipping Info from the menu

  4. Enter the corrected shipping information and click save changes

  5. Click Save Order in the lower right-hand corner to save the order changesimage.png

  6. Print and send order to lab when ready