Editing an Order Before Sending

Once you've built an order you can still make changes before sending it to the lab.
  1. Start out in the Orders tab.

  2. Select the order you would like to edit. In this example, I'd like to change one of the images from 8x10s to a 5x7s.

  3. Double click on the order to enter Order Proofing mode.

  4. Now right click on the product you'd like to change and select Change Product > Select from Lab Products. Here you'll see our catalog just like when you're building packages.

  5. Select the product you would like to use instead and click OK.Editing an Order Before Sending_1.png

  6. If you need to change the quantity, right click on the image and select Change Quantity. You can also change the file by selecting Change Filename. Editing an Order Before Sending_2.png

  7. You also have all of the Workshop tools available to you. Make any edits you like.Editing an Order Before Sending_3.png

  8. Click Save Order when you're finished. You should see any product, quantity and filename changes reflected in the order summary.

  9. When you're ready, send the order to the lab.