Dropship Orders to School

  1. Before submitting orders, double-check the organization shipping address by clicking on Preferences in the upper right-hand corner of the software

  2. Select Organizations on the left-hand side

  3. Select the organization name from the dropdown list and click the Edit button to edit the entry if it is not correctimage.png

    1. If the order should be dropshipped to a specific addressee, add the addressee in the organization name

      1. e.g. School Admin above

  4. Order subject images as normal within Order Entry section of Capture screen (click on the plus to add the package to the order)

  5. Submit orders as normal by clicking on the submit orders button

  6. Select the appropriate Shipping Type (e.g. Economy, Ground, 3-day, etc.)

  7. Select Ship to School from the Shipping Destination drop-down selection

    1. Orders will be shipped to the Organization address entered in the organization for the project

  8. Submit the order and it will be dropshipped to the School address

  9. Orders dropshipped to School are always packaged and include a label on the portrait envelope with subject information