Submitting Retake Images

Utilize the Filter Options to submit orders or Remote Image Service (RIS - Digital Service) orders for retake images only.

  1. Click on the Filter button at the top of the software ( image.png )
  2. Under the Images section, select Images Assigned by date:
  3. Select After this date
  4. Select the date just before the images were assigned to subject records
  5. Click Apply Filter
    • image.png
    • This should display only images assigned after the selected date

From here, all images for retaken subjects should be displayed.

  • If submitting for RIS select the cloud icon on the images that should be submitted for Remote Image Service correction (Instructions Here)
  • If submitting ImageMatch export, be sure to select Use Filtered Data image.png
  • If submitting orders, select Subject Filter on the order submission section image.png