Getting Started with ROES and CaptureLife

Authorizing ROES Desktop/Web to Process Digital Delivery Orders

A critical first step in processing CaptureLife digital deliveries with ROES Desktop/WEB is to authorize ROES to place orders using your CaptureLife account. Your studio has a unique CaptureLife authentication token that needs to be provided to your lab before placing your first digital delivery order.  This is a simple, one-time process that will be saved and used after their first order
  1. Users can find their authentication token in the CaptureLife Portal account under Account Settings/Configure Apps, as shown below.  

  2. Copy the token to the clipboard using the copy icon.

  3. ROES Desktop includes a product with CaptureLife called Provider Information

  4. Click on this product and paste the CaptureLife authentication token into the field provided with the product.

  5. Add this Provider Information product to the cart and go through the normal checkout process. This will send your token to your lab and authorize you to place CaptureLife digital delivery orders through their account.  

    1. This is a one-time step that DOES NOT have to be repeated with future orders or done on addition ROES Desktop versions you may be using on different machines