Using the CaptureLife Partner Portal

View Orders in the CaptureLife Portal

  1. Navigate to

  2. Login with the credentials provided by CaptureLife

  3. Within the Partner Portal is a list of Jobs that have been delivered

  4. Within each Job there can be multiple deliveries which is dependent on the number of CL products ordered

  5. Click on a job to display the customers that have been delivered and the information used for a delivery

  6. Click on a line within a job to view the images submitted to the specific contact

Editing Delivery Information

  1. Within a job, click on the Edit button

  2. With Edit enabled, click on any of the fields within the job

    1. e.g. Click on the email or phone number field and you will be able to edit the information

  3. Enter the appropriate/updated information and click Disable Edit

Editing Moments

  1. Within a job you can update the images associated with a delivery

  2. To add images to a moment:

    1. Hover over a delivery and a circular blue plus + will appear under Moments

    2. Click on the blue plus to add images to the single delivery

    3. Navigate to the location of an image to add to the moment

  3. To swap images within a delivery:

    1. Click on the the delivery line to view the images within the moment

    2. Hover over an image in the moment and in the upper-right corner there's an update button

    3. Click on Update and navigate to the location of the image to replace it with

Resending Notifications

  1. Within a job you can notify all customers again by clicking on the Notify Everyone text

  2. If you've edited information for just one delivery you can deliver a single notification again for that single entry

    1. Hover over the delivery and to the right there is a Bell icon

    2. Click on the bell icon to notify that single delivery using information in the contact fields