Border Workshop Part 3 - Using a Graphics List

The Photoreflect Border Workshop allows you to create borders with multiple graphic options. This works well for border designs where you'd like to adjust the color or graphic based on the customer or some element of the job. In this example. it's an 8x10 with a color gradient and text on it. I'll use a graphics list to attach all of my gradient colors to the same border.
If you prefer a video tutorial, skim all the way to the bottom of the page.
  1. First I'll open up a border I made with a single graphic layer. Double click on the border to open it in the Border Workshop.

  2. Double click on the graphic layer on the right side.

  3. Switch the option from Single Graphic to Graphic List.

  4. Click Edit.Borders P2_Using a Graphics List.gif

  5. Name the graphic list. I'll name mine "Colors" because mine will be color variations of an otherwise identical graphic.

  6. Click Add to browse for the graphics you want attached to this border.

  7. By double clicking on the name, you can change the name that will display in the software. This can be handy in a case like mine, where the filename is long but all I want to see when working with the template is the name of the color. This will not alter the filename on your computer.

  8. Using Move Up/Move Down will reorder the sequence the graphics are in. It can be helpful to have your most popular designs at the top of the list - it will reduce the number of clicks needed to get where you want to be. Click OK when done.Borders P2_Using a Graphics List_2.gif

  9. Now I need to save this border as a new border. Click on the Border Properties and modify the name in some way. Copy the border name you choose, and click OK. Then down at the bottom click "Save as New Border". If you click "Save Changes", you'll overwrite your original border with this one. Save as New Border will prompt you for a border name, and you can paste in the name you just copied. Now when the software exits the Border Workshop you'll see both borders. Borders P3_Using a Graphics List_3.png

  10. Now navigate to the Photo Workshop to see the border in action. Click Choose and select your new border. You'll see a Graphics List dialogue box pop up. You can use that to switch between the graphic layers you added to your list. Borders P3_Using a Graphics List_4.gif