ROES Digital Services Setup

Digital Services

  • Digital Services (found at the bottom of the Catalogs drop-down list)

  • Special shipping options for this catalog

    • Only method available is Digital File Return

  • Cutoff time for all items in this catalog: 11:00pm ET Sunday-Thursday

Services Include (per image) - applied to all in Shopping Cart:

Color Correction (1 day in-lab turnaround)


Green Screen Drops (2 day in-lab turnaround):

Level 1 DropLevel 2 DropLevel 3 DropAdvanced Drop

Retouching Services (2 day in-lab turnaround):


*If ordering all three the turnaround time is 5 days in-lab

Step 1: Upload Images

  1. To order, open ROES and navigate to the Digital Services catalog

  2. Select the Image Service - Digital Return product

  3. Drag-and-drop images onto the product in the center of the screen in bulk or one at a time

  4. Once all items are added, click on the shopping cart

  5. On the right-hand side under Options select services to be applied to the Entire order

    1. Selected services are applied to ALL Images within the order

  6. After the order is uploaded you will receive a confirmation email indicating the date and time of receipt and when the order will be ready for download

    1. You can always check this on the Account Information page of our website

Step 2: Retrieving Completed Images

  1. You will receive a confirmation shipping email when your order is completed

  2. Images are exported to a Google Drive folder that remains the same for all digital service orders

    1. Would be helpful to bookmark this page for easy access

  3. To access the orders to download, go to your Account Information page

  4. Click on the View Online Storage button within Contact Information

  5. A new page will open with the order numbers of completed orders, click on the download button to download the files

    1. Orders are available to download for 40 days

Location on SiteGoogle Drive Download