Adding Name to Prints

This tutorial is useful for adding name and year to a wallet or any printsize that fits used for a subject image. This involves using a layout to associate subject text to a graphic.
  1. Open FLOW and select the Layouts section

  2. Select Load and find RPL-NameOnPrints

    1. image.png

      1. This is the base layout for creating a name on print layout and can be used for all standard print sizes in FLOW (i.e. 8 Wallets, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10)

      2. Note the 3 objects available:

        1. Image: Photo_8x10.png - The subject image, be sure to crop to 8x10

        2. Image: 8x10_Multi-crop_overlay.png - The guide layer for designating the text location on your image. This should be set to 0% opacity before saving the layout.

        3. Text: [Custom1] - The text from the subject record, the RPL base layout is set to pull data from the Custom1 field

  3. To make adjustments to the layout, first select the 8x10_multi-crop_overlay and set the opacity to 100%

    1. SetOpacityGuideLayer.gif

      1. Here the location for print sizes will be displayed

  4. For creating a Wallet, ensure that the text node(s) are within the green bars

  5. Select the text object and adjust the text location, font, etc as necessary

  6. Add any other text variables to the layout as necessary (e.g. Year etc.)

    1. AdjustingTextlayer.gif

  7. After adjustments are made, select the overlay and set the opacity to 0%

    1. This is very important, if the opacity is saved at 100% the red and green lines will appear on the prints submitted with this layout

  8. Select Save then Save As to save the layout as a NEW layout

    1. This is very important, as the RPL layout will not save the changes made

  9. The layout is ready to be used on any standard size product in the catalog, just be sure to crop the images for the project to 8x10