Getting Started Part 1 - Logging Into the Software

If you prefer a tutorial video, scroll to the bottom of the page.
  1. Log in to with your account email and PIN.

  2. Select Resources > Ordering Software.

  3. Scroll down page to find PhotoReflect LE download

  4. Log in with the Private Network Account we created for you.

    1. If we haven't created one for you yet, contact Customer Service.

  5. Click on the Setup tab at the bottom. If this is your first time logging in, Click on Application Options > Application Mode Settings and check "Run in Classic Darkroom Mode". Then click Logout in the lower left corner and log back in. Return to the Setup tab.

  6. Under Application General Settings make sure the ‘Show Desktop in the library to browse folders’ is checked

  7. Under Color Management > Working Space check ‘sRGB’

  8. If you have a Photoreflect online storefront account, change to the Photoreflect Account tab and log in there. For more information about this service, visit 1_Logging Into the Software_1.png

  9. Under Photographer Info > Your Company Info, fill out your information. 1_Logging Into the Software_2.png

  10. Click on Your Labtricity Labs and make sure Richmond Professional Lab is the only Lab listed and the box next to it is checked. If you see other labs listed, you are not in a private network account and have not secured our best pricing. Please contact Customer Service and we'll give you a private network account ID to use. 1_Logging Into the Software_3.png