Assigning Group Images

  1. Add group images to the Hot Folder

  2. Hover over the Group Image and click Assign as Group Image

    1. image.png

  3. The image will appear in the Group Photos section at the bottom of the screen

    1. image.png

  4. Double-click on the text section in the center of the image and enter a name for the group image

Assigning the Group Photo to Subjects

  1. If you hover over the Group Image you can choose to assign it to All Subjects or the Subject record that's selected

    1. image.png

  2. Click on the group photo and Image Applied To: option will appear. If there is data in the subject fields you can apply/remove images using the field drop-down menus select the appropriate information from the dropdown menus

    1. e.g. Assign image Ms Smith to Grade 2

      1. image.png

  3. Once the data is selected from the dropdown menu, click on the green plus to assign to those subject records

    1. You can use the assign and remove selections with one another.

      1. For instance, if you need to assign a group photo to a specific grade, but remove that photo from a specific homeroom

Assigning Images Using Groups (auto-assignment with subject data)

  1. Click on Preferences and select Application from the left-hand column then select Use Groups

    1. image.png

  2. On the capture screen section there will be a new Groups tab shown

    1. Close and reopen FLOW if this isn't available

  3. Add your group photos to the Hot Folder

  4. Select the Groups tab

  5. In the center of the screen there is a selection for how the software should define Groups. Select the most appropriate field from the data and click Auto Generate Groups

    1. image.png

    2. The subjects will automatically be assigned to the groups using the selected type

  6. At the top of the screen, select a group from the dropdown menu

  7. Find the appropriate group image in the Hot Folder section and select Assign as Group Image

    1. FLOW-GroupsTab-ImageAssignment.gif

      1. The group image will assign to all subjects under Group Subjects

      2. Double-click on a subject within the Group Subjects section to display their information

  8. Select the image under Group images and enter an Image Description to define the group image name

    1. image.png