Dropship Orders to Alternate Studio Address

  1. Before submitting orders, double-check the organization shipping address by clicking on Preferences -> Organizations

  2. If there is an alternate Studio location and it has not been added:

    1. Click the green Plus to create a new Organization

    2. Type in the name of the organization - something that's easily recognized as the alternate address

    3. Select Studio as the Organization Type

    4. Enter your Lab Account Number in the Lab Customer ID field

    5. Enter the original studio address in the Main Address section

    6. Enter the alternate shipping location in the Shipping Address

      1. Very important that the addresses are not the same in both sections

    7. Enter other pertinent contact information and save the organization

Adjust Studio Address on Project

  1. Double-check that the project being submitting is associated with the correct studio to be dropshipped to:

  2. Click on Edit Project Preferences button on the project

  3. On Project Preferences, click the dropdown next to Studio to see which studio the project is associated to

    1. If the new studio address was just created, FLOW will need to be restarted for it to appear in the list

  4. Change the studio to an alternate address if orders should be shipped to a different address

  5. Click Save

Placing Orders

  1. Add orders to subject records on the Order Entry section of Capture screen and click Submit Orders when ready

  2. Select the appropriate Shipping Type (e.g. Economy, Ground, 3-day, etc.)

  3. Select Ship To Studio from the Shipping Destination drop-down selection

      1. Orders will be shipped to the Studio Address associated with the project

      2. If the address is different than the default address, the order will be dropshipped to the alternate studio

        1. For Multiple Orders from Different projects, please leave an order comment saying "ship orders together to alternate studio address

        2. Submit the order and it will be dropshipped to the alternate studio address