Getting Started Part 4 - Building Packages

If you prefer a tutorial video, scroll to the bottom of the page.
  1. Start out by going to the Setup tab in the lower right corner.

  2. Select Package Groups and then create a New Group.

  3. Name your package group.Building Packages_5.png

  4. The software will automatically create Package 1 for you, and you can rename it by double clicking on it. The package pricing and the options at the bottom are only relevant if you plan to use these package for online galleries through If you'd like more information about that, please visit or contact Customer Service. 4_Building Packages_1.png

  5. Once your package is named, click on Add Lab Print Item on the right side.

  6. Now you'll see all of our product groups. Select the group you need, and then scroll to find the product you're looking for. 4_Building Packages_2.png

  7. To create your next package, click on Add Package on the left.

  8. Now add the product this package should contain. For my sample packages, I've created two packages containing an 8x10 Luster Print but for the second one I'm going to add a custom graphic template that will allow me to add the subject's name at the bottom. We'll walk through how to build custom graphic templates in a future tutorial.

  9. To add a template to the package item, double click on the package item and check "Always use a border for this package item." This will attach the border to the package item so that you don't have to select the template every time you order this package. Now click Choose. 4_Building Packages_3.png

  10. Here are some custom templates I've created. If you need to change Border Groups, click Options > Change Group and select the group you need from the dropdown list. I'll select the one I want and click OK.4_Building Packages_4.png

  11. The template is now attached to your package item and will appear on the product anytime you order that package.