Exporting-Importing a Project

This instruction assumes you have already associated a catalog with the project you are moving. Click Edit Project Preferences to associate a catalog with your project in the General Preferences tab

Exporting a Project

  1. Click on the Project tab to display your current projects

  2. Click on Export Project

  3. Make sure you are on the Export tab

  4. Select a location on your machine (not a network) to export your project (e.g. Desktop)

    1. image.png

  5. Click Export

    1. The project will export to the designated location as the project name-computer name

      1. e.g. FALL_PROJECT_2018_Jesse-Desktop.PAF

  6. Find the PAF file on your desktop you exported and put it on a network location or on a transportable jump drive

Importing a Project

  1. Find the PAF file you exported from the master computer (either on a jump drive or network file location)

    1. It will be named [Project Name]-[ComputerName].paf

  2. We suggest you place the PAF file onto the machine you are working with.

    1. DO NOT try to import from a jumpdrive or network drive if possible

  3. In FLOW click on the Project section and click on Import/Export Project

  4. Make sure you are on the Import section and navigate to the file location of your paf file

  5. If the project already exists you will receive a warning asking if you want to merge, if it does not it will simply say Import

  6. Click on Merge or Import to import the project