FLOW FTP Green Screen Knockout & Retouching Services Setup

Within FLOW there is an option to upload your images via FTP to a number of services to perform the green screen knockout or retouch your images and then download directly back into the project for image ordering

Partnered Companies:


Jalea offers image processing services including green screen/blue screen knockout, color balancing, cropping, and retouching. Jalea can act as a virtual lab, taking in images plus data and returning ready-to-print sheets of virtual groups, memory mates, and other high-value photo products

36 Pix

36Pix provides high quality green or blue screen knockouts to the school and sports photography industry. Our solution is available in Photolynx in two ways
  • A 'do it yourself' cloud solution
  • Outsourced to 36Pix

PhotoRetouch Online

PhotoRetouch Online is the premier studio for volume retouching offering standard school day retouching to customized senior retouching profiles for labs and studios