How to Add Custom Backgrounds in ImageQuix

Upload and add your own background selections to ImageQuix for use in a price sheet for a Green Screen job
  1. Open ImageQuix and navigate to the My Products tab

  2. Select the Edit button

  3. Select the Backgrounds catalog item on the left

  4. Click the green plus sign (image.png) and select Add Background Set

  5. Enter a name for the background set and a price for use (if applicable)

  6. Click on the green plus (image.png) beneath backgrounds and navigate to the folder with the backgrounds on your machine

  7. Select the appropriate backgrounds and click Open

  8. Once shown, click Publish to publish the backgroundsImageQuix-AddBackgrounds.gif

To Add the Backgrounds to a Pricesheet:

  1. Click on the Templates tab and select Price Sheets from the left-hand column

  2. Create a new price sheet or open a pre-existing price sheet and click edit

  3. Click on the image.pngselection under Catalog

  4. Select the image.pngproduct

  5. Drag the Background(s) from the Catalog onto the price sheet as you would a product

  6. Click Save when completeImageQuix-AddBackgroundsToPriceSheet.gif