IQ Publisher: How Orders Ship

  • ImageQuix orders by default will be dropshipped to the address entered on the order by the end customer.

  • Orders will ship in bulk if Pick Up is an option available for the customer to select when placing their order.

    • If an order is submitted with Pick Up selected, the order will be sent to the Studio Address you've assigned in your Contact Information in ImageQuix Publisher (this address should match exactly to what is listed at the lab), or the Pick Up Address in the Job.

    • This way, ImageQuix orders will be shipped as non-dropship orders back to the studio (or other designated Pick Up Address) and will be grouped together/not shipped independently.

    • If the address on ImageQuix is not the exact same format as the address on file at the lab then the orders will be shipped separately by default.

To ensure orders are grouped and shipped back to studio on the date they are due and to prevent separate shipping charges, the studio should adjust the address in ImageQuix Publisher to match what is listed at Richmond Pro Lab

To Adjust the Address in IQ:

  1. Open IQ Publisher

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Select Preferences

  4. Select Contact Information

  5. Adjust the address to what is listed at the lab

    1. Can be found on Account Information after logging in

  • Alternatively, the Pickup address can be adjusted per job on the Pick Up Address section in the ImageQuix software:

    • image.png