Building Packages for NextGen


  • First, create products the studio will be ordering using NextGen created in NextGen.

  • Then create packages in NextGen of those products

  • Last, build the package favorites in ROES of the products named using the corresponding Lab Product Codes entered in NextGen

    • Video below (and here) with details

  • Things You'll Need:

Build Products in NextGen

  1. Login to Next Gen

  2. Select My Account

  3. Select Products

  4. Select New Product

  5. Find the appropriate product that matches the item the studio is offering

  6. Enter the Studio Product Code and the Lab Product Code

    1. Easiest to remember if the code matches for both

    2. The Package Favorite in ROES will be named using the Lab Product Code entered

  7. Enter the cost which is the cost from the price guide

  8. Enter the price which is how much the studio is charging

  9. Select Save

  10. Do this for all products being offered

Build Packages in Next Gen

  1. Select Packages

  2. Select New Package

  3. Enter the package name and the discount associated with the package

  4. Select the products that are within the Package

  5. Select Save

  6. Do this for all packages being used

Build Favorites in ROES

  1. Open ROES

  2. Select Create Order

  3. Select the appropriate catalog from the drop down (most likely Volume Packaged Prints)

  4. Find each product created in Next Gen and save it as a favorite named the Lab Product Code

Associate Fields in ROES Events

It's easiest to do this with a completed job from Next Gen or test job, but you can download an example job here

  1. Create an Event in ROES and import the Next Gen CSV and associate images

    1. See Video Here for instructions

  2. Click on Associate Fields to associate the appropriate Image Fields from the CSV to the Favorite Products

    1. Here is a link to the Next Gen Image Key

  3. Associate the appropriate fields to the corresponding products

  4. Review your job to check for errors